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Did you know…….
v     That all cultivated apples are descendents of the wild crab apples that grow in Northern Europe, Asia, and America.
v     Apple trees can grow up to 12 metres high.
v     Apple wood is soft and is sometimes used to make decorative in-lays on wooden furniture.
Did you know…..
v     Pear trees can grow to 18 metres high
v     A pear tree can live for more than 300 years.
v     Pear wood is hard and can be used to make furniture.
Did you know…
v     People in the tropics have eaten bananas for thousands of years.
v     There are more than 100 varieties of bananas.
v     Bananas have high levels of sugars, starch, and vitamins A and C.
v     Banana ash is used to make soap
Oranges, Lemons, and Limes
Did you know…
v     Orange trees first grew in China.
v     Oranges were introduced to Europe by Arab traders more than 1,000 years ago.
v     A medium-sized orange contains the daily amount of vitamin C required by a healthy adult.
v     Lemons, oranges, and limes are all citrus fruits. Their juices contain citric acid.
v     Squeezing the juice of either lemons, limes or oranges over apples and pears will stop them from growing brown for up to 24 hours
Did you know…
v     The name pine-apple was the original name for a pine cone (grows on pine trees).
v     Because the fruit pineapple looked like a huge pine cone, it too was called a pine-apple.
v     Pineapples contain an enzyme that is used in blood tests.
v     Fibers in pineapple leaves are used to make rope and a cloth called pino.
Strawberries and Raspberries
Did you know…
v     The strawberry probably got its name originally from the Anglo-Saxon word streawberige, which means “spreading berry.”
v     Strawberries are the only fruit to have their seeds on the outside
v     Strawberries contain more vitamin C that an orange
v     Most raspberries are red, but some varieties are white, yellow, or black.
v     Raspberries may have been named after a 16th century French wine called raspis.
Did you know…
v     Watermelons are related to climbing plants that probably came from tropical Africa.
v     Melons can grow to 18 kilograms or more.
General Fruit Facts  
Did you know…
v     Olive trees can live for more than 1,500 years.
v     Figs were one of the fruit most often eaten by the ancient Greeks and Romans.
v     Soft dates contain saccharine, which is sometimes used as a sugar substitute for diabetics.
v     Vine fruits Grapes were grown by the ancient Egyptians more than 6,000 years ago.
v     Passion fruits were first grown in Brazil.
v     Kiwi plants were first grown in China.
v     Kiwis were once known as Chinese gooseberries.